Wednesday, July 28, 2010


World-famous Comic-Con embraced downtown San Diego last weekend. It was a blast just to wander around and watch the people. See . Here, however, is a sight that I never hope to see. In a public parking lot, this van stradled two disabled parking spots. Somebody even put black plastic bags over the disabled parking signs. A friend saw this siht on Friday, and I found it on Saturday. The 5 Star parking lot attendant said it was a public lot, meaning anyone could park in the lot if space was available. So what's with this fishy vehicle? No disabled plates or placard. And taking two spaces. One wasn't enough?
Shame on him or her! And shame on 5 Star Parking for allowing it. "It Ain't Right!" as a local TV troubleshooter bellows. It stinks. Who's going to police this stuff?

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